Health and Safety Statement

Frera Engineering limited is committed to the protection of its employees, customers and property from accidental loss. The safe operation of our company is an imperative standard to be met on a continuing basis, and is a non-negotiable value. The active participation of all employees, managers and supervisors is required at all times.

In fulfilling this commitment with a combined effort amongst our employees, we will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment to acceptable industry standards as well as legislative requirements. We strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards that may result in personal injuries, illnesses, fires, security losses and damage to property. Our commitment to accidental loss prevention is incorporated as a way of life, insisting that each of us work safely for the protection of our fellow workers and ourselves at ALL times.

No task is so great to run the risk of incurring even the slightest injury, is a philosophy our people strongly adhere to. To accomplish this goal we provide regular training to our personnel to increase their awareness and knowledge base of potentially threatening situations, and how to prevent them.

We are adamant that “SAFETY” is a “WAY OF LIFE” both on and off the job. By instilling a “THINKING SAFETY FIRST” attitude within our company, we can only enhance our employee’s and customer’s workplace protection against potential danger.